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President, Scott Schultz, Speaks at First Friday Forum

ComfortCare Homes’ Owner and President, Scott Schultz, spoke at First Friday Forum in Ottawa on Aug. 5, 2016.

Check out this article in the Ottawa Herald for a full recap.

Scott spoke about the different aspects of Alzheimer’s and how it affects communities.  ComfortCare Homes’ approach to dementia care is not only unique, but also more effective than other methodologies out there.

It’s so exciting to see the business in to news so often as of late.  There are plenty of things to be enthusiastic about at ComfortCare Homes!



ComfortCare Homes in the News

The Lawrence Journal World recently posted an article titled, “Baldwin City Business Positioned for ‘Silver Tsunami’.”

The author of the article describes the announcement of ComfortCare Homes’ addition of the third home which will be going up in the near future.

EF3A7027In it, she stated,

Scott Schultz, president of Baldwin City ComfortCare Homes, said the new home would be built on the property east of Washington Street between Palmyra and Eisenhower streets. The property’s trustees, Raymond, Sally and Corey Dunn, have had the land rezoned from agricultural to residential since it was annexed in May. On Monday, the Baldwin City Council approved a plat [sic] for the property.


Like Baldwin City ComfortCare’s current homes, the facility will be gated so that residents can enjoy time outside. With 2.5 acres, it will have significantly larger grounds, allowing for more activities for residents, who will be higher functioning than those in other homes, Schultz said.

Please take the time to read the article in its entirety to stay up-to-date on the exciting things going on at ComfortCare Homes.

Once more, here is the link.