The Morningstar Care Touch

The Morningstar Care Touch starts with a belief; the belief is that each and every one of our residents remains an individual despite their significant memory loss. With the established belief, we recognize that our elders deserve to be honored in their unique needs. With so many diverse backgrounds, beliefs, interests, hobbies, careers and passions; we strive to understand, encourage and support every resident to live a fulfilled life.

With respect and esteem for those we serve, The Morningstar Care Touch provides individualized care in the comfort of a home by qualified staff to meet the needs of our residents. Our passion is to promote the individuality and freedom so vital to feeling secure, valued and respected in this important stage of life.

Real Care in Real Homes

Many believe that bigger is better and that large institutions provide better care. When dealing with individuals struggling with memory loss the opposite is true. Morningstar Care Homes will be located in an established neighborhood, incorporating the design recommendations favored by the Alzheimer’s Association for memory care.

We don’t have to say we provide care in a “home-like” setting because we provide care in a Home. It’s that simple.

Relationships & Trust Building

Our main focus when dealing with individuals with memory loss is building a strong foundation of trust with them, their families and care providers to create a comprehensive approach that enhances the quality of life for the resident.

Through our Morningstar Care Touch program, we do a pre-admission Life Review Interview which establishes a base-line of each resident’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. What were their passions, family dynamics, hobbies, employment, interests, favorite foods, and personality traits. This information helps the Morningstar Care Team create a personalized care plan for the resident’s day-to-day needs that evoke comfort and to steer away from activities that might trigger fears or anxieties. As the needs of our residents change, so does our personalized plan. This ensures that every team member is kept up to date and is guided by your loved one’s past and present and how they choose to live their life.

As stated in our Values, it is important to us to share open, on-going, communication with our families and chosen care providers. Our family members and care team offer Morningstar Care staff invaluable information on the personal touches that add joy to the resident’s day-to-day activities. We want to hear from you and value what insights you bring into the process of providing comprehensive care for your loved one.

Our home belongs to our residents, so much so that we view ourselves as close friends to our residents and a cohesive team with family members and responsible parties. We know the emotional toll that this disease takes on a family and we work to offer the emotional support needed at this precious time in the lives of our families and our residents.