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My family and I cannot express how much we appreciated having Morningstar Care take care of my mother, Carol Fogle, during this past year.

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Please thank your team for all the love and care they gave to Dad.

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It was like a night and day transition. In the nursing home, she was a number on a door. At Morningstar Care, they were her friends.

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(In) a month’s time he has seemed to form relationships with your other residents.  They aren’t verbal relationships, but it is obvious to me that they bring comfort to him.  It has been a special thing to witness to say the least.

THANK YOU for providing an environment that makes my dad smile  : )

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And especially-thank you for Morningstar Care. It is a wonderful concept and you have done a great job bringing it to reality. Mom was really blessed. We were really blessed to have found you. She lived with you with great peace and loving care. You have wonderful staff who took interest in Mom, and cared for her with patience and real love. I am so very grateful to all of you.

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There is just a difference in the people they have hired to care for the people at Morningstar Care. Their personalities are different. They show genuine enthusiasm to be there. In their mind, that is Uncle Phil’s home and they are helping him stay in his home.

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It is very important to me, as a son, to have my mother get what she deserves in the last few years of her life. And that’s what Morningstar Care has done for her.

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There was no question in my mind that this place was head and shoulders above any place else that I’d walked into.

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Resident Family Member

“I applaud you for establishing Morningstar Care in a prominent, exclusive neighborhood with a high caregiver to client ratio. What you do for families is so appreciated!”

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