Often a kind word of encouragement goes a long way with us.

A health care professional in a neighboring town relayed this message to me today, and it really ended my week on a positive note.

A patient of the health care provider stated that she was a lifelong friend of one of our residents. The patient had visited her friend in our care home and enjoyed some ice cream with her, and thought our home and our outside water feature and shady deck area were wonderful. She went on to say “I sure don’t know who owns it but they do a fantastic job of taking care of people…it sure is a nice place to live.”

The health care professional and her patient also had discussed the transformation taking place at a new care home we are developing and affirmed us for our progress on the project.

As an independent, local owner there are many concerns, bumps and struggles that can cloud the clear vision we have for our residents. Our hope for them was conveyed perfectly by the friend of our resident. We want their care to be excellent, their home to be wonderful, and their quality of life to be high. We think our residents deserve that and more. This outside testimony that we are achieving our hopes and dreams for the elders we serve makes us want to get up tomorrow with a reaffirmed passion to keep delivering on these goals and objectives.

To that unknown someone, I am grateful for those words this Friday morning.

Scott Schultz, President, ComfortCare Homes Baldwin