Pink in October for breast cancer awareness.  Purple in November for Alzheimer’s awareness.

Let’s talk purple for just a few moments.

  • New cases of breast cancer annually: 246,000
  • New cases of Alzheimer’s annually:  473,000

These numbers surprised me, and I think about Alzheimer’s every day for a living.

Unpaid family caregivers, some 15 million of them, have a loved one with Alzheimer’s.  And that is just one disease that results in cognitive impairment.   These folks suffer burnout, depression, and physical exhaustion in growing numbers.  Not only is it hard and emotionally taxing work, it goes on 24/7/365, as you never know when your loved one will sleep, wander or need assistance.

Please, let’s just take a moment and honor them, recognize them, hug them and love them.

They probably haven’t had time to become aware that Purple is their loved one’s color.  Give them something purple and let them know your heart is with them.  Today.  This month.  Or any time. -

- -