Morningstar Care Homes in Ottawa, Baldwin City and Neodesha specialize in Memory Care. We provide a secure, real home setting which allows increased safety for those with dementia. Our residents also have better results due to the small environment and the high caregiver ratio of 1 to every 6 residents.

One of the highest priorities is safety–for you in your home as well as for our residents. Persons with dementia may wander off and become lost. The Alzheimer’s Association has offered these tips to reduce the risk of wandering and/or to ensure the safe return of a person should they go missing.

  • Keep a recent picture of your family member to help police if she/he becomes lost.
  • Install alarms or security mechanisms on all your exits/doors.
  • Enroll your family member in the Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return Program.
  • Encourage regular physical activity.
  • Encourage enough sleep at night.
  • Keep your family member engaged in activities, especially at times when the risk for wandering is greatest.

All of our homes meet the highest level of security while maintaining the dignity of our residents and their ability to move freely around their home. Check out Morningstar Care Homes for respite or permanent placement for your loved one. We would love to give you a tour. For more information contact Grant at 785-594-2603 or set up a tour on our website.

~Tina in Ottawa -

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