What is the difference in senior living if you are owned by a large corporation or a local Kansas owner? Do residents feel more secure being one of the many communities owned by a large nationally known company?  Is it less stressful to have all your choices made for you according to corporate policy? Morningstar is locally owned and operated which allows for highly personalized care.

If you ask the residents at Morningstar Care Homes in Fredonia, they will let you know what a difference a local Kansas owner has made in their every day lives. Our residents genuinely enjoy the days when Scott Shultz, Morningstar President and Owner, visits our home in Fredonia. They can tell when they visit with him that his caring attitude is genuine. He knows them personally and calls them by name. When they vote on choices for meals they know Scott will not only approve whatever they choose but will also be glad to provide it.

Holding hands with a resident of Morningstar Care Homes

Recently, a lovely lady moved in from her home where she had lived for more than 60 years. She was grieving the loss of her long-time home and other treasures she just didn’t have room to bring. While visiting with her daughter, we learned that one disappointment for her was the loss of her favorite TV channel. In the past, the big corporate owner dictated which cable provider and package was available to residents in our home. However, with new ownership we were able to find a provider that offered individual choices in programming. All it took was a call to the provider to have her favorite channel added to the Fredonia line-up.

It was really a small thing compared to all the other changes she was experiencing, but it made a big difference to her to be able to watch her favorite programs.

We experience these small touches on a daily basis under the new ownership of Morningstar Care Homes. Our homes feel truly like home because of the family dynamic Scott has created. We are able to focus on the small details that help residents feel comfortable and at home. Residents are able to bring personal items with them like their favorite chair, a special blanket, or a wall of photos of loved ones. This allows for their new home to feel, smell and look like what they have always known, reducing fear and confusion.

What difference does local ownership make? It makes a BIG difference.

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