We are blessed to have such amazing residents at all of our Morningstar homes. We are taking the opportunity to feature some of our residents through a Resident Spotlight. It is fun to learn more about each person’s story and celebrate members of the Morningstar family. This month’s Resident Spotlight is Dorothy Smioth who lives at Morningstar Fredonia.


Hi, I’m Dorothy Smith. I’ve lived in Fredonia since 2014. Before moving to Morningstar, I worked as a CNA in various nursing homes around Des Moines, Iowa.

I had my first child at 14 years old. She was beautiful. I was introduced to my husband by my best friend at a nightclub. We later had 2 children, 1 girl and 1 boy. I am scared of heights because I fell from a tree when I was young.

I moved into my new home at Morningstar in July of 2014. My favorite thing about Morningstar is the activities. The one I enjoy the most is bingo. The employees at Morningstar is what makes it special. The staff are polite and just nice people. The meals are good and my favorite is fried chicken breast and scalloped potatoes.