Statistics show that 1 in 3 people in the US know a person with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia. If true, that means more than 100 million people are being affected by the impact this disease is having on someone they know.

Caring for those with dementia is very personal, and our Morningstar families have trusted a very intimate part of themselves to us when their loved one lives in one of our homes. That is what motivates us to take them in as family members, not merely as clients.

Our leadership team is small, comprised of 10 people in 3 of the towns where we have homes. The impact of Alzheimer’s became even more personal when one of our leaders lost her mother to the disease last year. In 2018, I lost my father-in-law, and two of our leaders had relatives who were cared for in our homes. That’s 40% of our leadership team members who have lived through the debilitation, the questions of dignity, the hard decisions, and the loss. In the more distant past, other members on the team have had family members who suffered with the disease.

I wonder if the statistic is more like 200 million people in the US who have seen family members, friends and respected members of the community suffer.

In our recently opened home in Baldwin known as Dunn’s Vista, we have commemorated 10 famous people who had or have Alzheimer’s Disease with photos by the doors of each resident’s room. These include Charlton Hesston, Rosa Parks, and Pat Summitt to name a few.

This elevates our residents into an elite group of people. The disease does not discriminate along any lines, taking equally from families regardless of socioeconomic status, race or gender.

For these famous people, it was personal. It was a sacred space that few were allowed to enter.

At Morningstar, we understand how personal the disease is for you. We can say we have walked the path you are walking. We can’t know your specific pain because every case and every person’s reaction is different, but we do know it hurts and we know it causes a wide range of emotions for you as a caregiver.

Come see us and experience personalized Alzheimer’s care in the comfort of a real family, a real home. -

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