About Us

From Scott D. Schultz, Founder and President, Morningstar Care Homes of Baldwin City and Ottawa

As we began to see our parents aging, we wondered if we could care for them in our own home when the time comes.  Seeing them enter a traditional nursing facility like our grandmothers did was not an option.

As a result of that exploration, and out of the values we hold of honoring our elders, we discovered the ComfortCare Homes model of care.  As a nursing home alternative specializing in memory care in real neighborhood homes, we have all the comforts of home and hearth, all the professionalism of skilled nursing, and none of the institutional downsides of traditional nursing facilities.

We knew it was the right fit, so we became licensees of ComfortCare Homes and were mentored by Doug Stark, a pioneer and 25-year industry veteran who helped create this model of care in Wichita.

My wife Linda and I want to see elders in the communities we serve receive superior care in gracious neighborhood homes that cannot be differentiated from any other house on the block.  Our vision is to continue creating these homes in rural areas where such service is lacking.  Our personal, individualized care plans tailored to the individuals are in line with recommendations made by the Alzheimer’s Association.

Smaller spaces, fewer caregivers and more familiarity are best for those with cognitive impairment.  Less confusion, fewer medications and no chemical restraints, and a higher quality of life are the results.

Our mission, vision and values all boil down to providing our elders with the care they deserve.  That’s who we are, that’s our passion here at Morningstar Care Homes.


ComfortCare Homes is dedicated to providing a secure home where seniors live with dignity while receiving care tailored to meet their individual needs, education and support to our families who are affected, and maintaining, through continued education, our commitment to the personalized, individual care your loved one deserves.


Provide beautiful neighborhood homes, outstanding care with an unsurpassed quality of life to a small number of residents and a comforting and knowledgeable support system to their families.


We expect our employees to be of the highest moral character and to conduct themselves in a professional, caring and service-oriented fashion at all times.

We will be transparent, honest, courageous and of the highest integrity in everything we do.

We value experience, creativity, good judgment, a strong work ethic, maturity, neatness, open communication and loving hearts in our employees.

We will endeavor to make our residents and their family part of our family by being hospitable, patient, kind, forthcoming and discrete in our dealings.

We will treat one another as we ourselves would like to be treated.


If our philosophy speaks to you, join our team of excellent caregivers.