The Men of the House

It is not unusual to see the men who live in our care homes take on a very tender role where weaker residents are concerned. A couple of fellows who were in better shape than one of our female residents used to call her “the baby” and tuck blankets around her in her...

A Mother’s Care

In our care homes, we typically have two ladies taking care of our residents around the clock.  The lack of male caregivers is not by design but just reflects our applicant pool. One of our former residents in her 90s who I’ll refer to as Ethel did not feel she needed...

Be Prepared

From what I’ve studied, about 70% of us who reach age 65 will have a time when we need some sort of assistance with our “activities of daily living” (bathing, meals, walking, etc).  It may be physical or cognitive impairments that cause us not to be able to enjoy... -

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