From Our President


Dear Friends,

Since 2011, it has been my privilege as the founder of Morningstar Care Homes to work with families who are making senior living arrangements for themselves or for their loved ones.  We are so grateful to all the people who have supported us in this effort.

When you visit our homes, you will immediately see three areas that distinguish us:

1. We care for seniors in small homes located in established, residential neighborhoods.  It has proven true that with fewer residents living in a home, the residents get better care because we know them personally.

2. Because we are small, we are able to develop a personal, individualized plan that meets the needs of each individual resident.  Our approach is holistic, in that we seek to care for the residents’ physical, psycho-social, and spiritual needs.  Because we care for the whole person, we regularly see reduced medications, improved health, and good social adjustment in our residents.

3. Our gracious homes differ from institutional care in that the move to a smaller, neighborhood home results in an easier transition.  Moving to one of our homes is merely a change in address, not a change in lifestyle

Because we live in Kansas near all our homes, we are readily available to families.  We’ve worked hard to keep our organization flat and eliminate the need to scale layers of bureaucracy in multiple states to resolve issues.

Our mission at Morningstar is to provide an unsurpassed quality of life to a small number of Residents in each home, and to be a comforting, counseling and knowledgeable resource to their families.  Please tour our homes and experience the personal touch we will provide to you and your loved ones.


Scott D. Schultz, President
Morningstar Care Homes -

- -